Best-One Day Tours From Chennai, Vacationing Tour Tamil Nadu in 2020

1. Tirupati One Day Tours From Chennai, Tamil Nadu

One day trip to Tirupati Bala Ji from Chennai distance is about 150 km. Tirupati Bala Ji is a day trip from Chennai Tamil Nadu tourism to engage millions of tourists with a very rich culture, magnificent shrines, and beautiful heritage design. One day trip from Chennai to Tirupati is very easy to go with family and friends. Venkateswara located in the hill town of Tirumala in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, Tirumala Tirupati one day trip from Chennai.

Address: Tirupati Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, Pin code 517501.

Best Time To Visit: October-March.

Distance From Chennai: 150 km, one day Tirupati trip from Chennai.

Things to do:

One Day Package Trip To Tirupati From Chennai: Tirupati darshan one day trip from Chennai Package Cost Rs.4300/- from Morning 5.00 AM-11.00 PM.

Tirupati one day trip from Chennai by car- one day trip to Tirupati from Chennai by car cost is 4500.00/- approximately. Tirupati one day trip from Chennai by bus-one day tours from Chennai to Tirupati from Chennai by bus.

2. Yelagiri Hills Chennai

The best one day trip from Chennai to Yelagiri hill is an amazing hill station with a greeny view. Height 1400 m above from sea and is situated 252 km far from Chennai Tamil Nadu. Yelagiri hills recognized for a host of adventure sports, like climbing, sky paragliding.

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Best Time To Visit Yelagiri Hills: November-February.

Distance From Chennai: One day trip to Yelagiri from Chennai distance is 227.0 km.

3. Pondicherry Spots To Visit

The most places visit Pondicherry one day trip from Chennai Tamil Nadu and perfect holiday destination for beach lovers. Aurobindo Ashram is very famous in Pondicherry you must visit, Auroville Matrimandir which was built in 1926 by Mirra Alfassa and Sri Aurobindo. The Pondicherry French colony is an absolute amalgamation of the traditional Indian awareness and French structure. Mesmerizing one day trip from Chennai to Pondicherry.

Best Time To Visit: One day trip to Pondicherry from Chennai distance is 153.2 km.

Best Time To Visit: All Season

4. Mahabalipuram Chennai Tamil Nadu

Mahabalipuram is famous for rock-cut temples boasting the Dravidian style of architecture. This place is most famous for Pancha Rath, Krishna Butterball, Shore Temple, and Decent of Gangas. Best one day trip from Chennai to Mahabalipuram with family and friends.

Best Time To Visit: October-February.

Things To Do: Sightseeing, Boating, Mahabalipuram Beach.

Distance From Chennai: about 56 Km.

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5. Kanchipuram Chennai Tamil Nadu

Best one day tours from Chennai to Kanchipuram and this temple is also known as Kānchi or Kancheepuram, located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Best Kanchipuram a day trip from Chennai has been ruled by many famous and ruling dynasties of the Pallavas kingdom.

Distance From Chennai: 73 km from Chennai.

Best Time To Visit: September- April.

Things To Do: Temple, Bird watching

6. One Day Tours From Chennai To Yercaud

One of the best trip Yercaud hill station is snuggled in the green environments and moving hills of Salem district of Tamil Nadu. Places to visit for one day tours from Chennai to Yercaud hills are really magical weekend getaway can be enjoyed with family or friends.

Distance From Chennai Tamil Nadu: 355 km approximately.

Best Time To Visit: September – June

Things To Do: Trekking, Boating, Sightseeing, and camping.

7. One Day Tours From Chennai To Tiruvannamalai

Tiruvannamalai Tamilnadu best tourism for a day trip from Chennai, It located in Annamalai hills station and ruled by the Disney Pallavas. Parvati, a spouse of Lord Shiva, stays together in a flower garden at their home Mount Kailash. The Virupaksha caves defined after the famous13th-century saint called Virupaksha Deva.

Best Time To Visit: November to February

Distance from Chennai: 185 km.

Things To Do: Trekking, Meditation, and Yoga

8. One Day Tours From Chennai Talakona Waterfalls

Short one day trip to Talakona Falls from Chennai in Tirupati. It is a fabulous waterfall amidst solid forests with water dropping from a height of 273 feet. The best waterfalls near Chennai is Talakona falls must visit there with a handy camera to capture amazing seen. Situated in Sri Venkateswara National Park, This falls is the highest waterfall in the region and a popular party spot. Talakona waterfalls have a natural pool, it’s worth a visit to falls near Pondicherry.

Things To Do: Trekking, Camping.

Talakona Falls Distance from Chennai: about 235 km.

Best Time to Visit: October- January

9. Pulicat lagoon Lake

Pulicat lagoon Bird Sanctuary is the second largest brackish water lagoon in India, after Chilika Lake situated in Thiruvallur district, of Tamil Nadu. Pulicat lake is the best one day tours from Chennai Tamil Nadu. it can be a good weekend getaway decision from Chennai.

Distance From Chennai: about 60 km.

Things To Do: boating, Trekking, and bird watching.

Best Time to Visit: September- March.

10. Must Visit Vellore Fort One Day Tours From Chennai

Vellore is the best place to visit for one day and the headquarters of the Vellore district in Tamil Nadu. Christian Medical College (CMS) Vellore is one of the famous biggest hospitals in India. It’s situated on the Palar River in northeastern Tamil Nadu. Vellore Fort is an ancient city and has ruled by King Pallavas.

Best Time to Visit: March – June

Vellore Distance from Chennai: about140.9 km.

Things To Do: Sightseeing

11. Pichavaram Mangrove Forests

pichavaram forest in Tamil Nadu, day trip from chennai
pichavaram forest

Guys don’t miss Pichavaram is one of the largest mangrove forests in India and the second largest in the World. It is situated between the Vellar water in the north and Coleroon water in the south. Pichavaram’s vast range of water covered about 1100 hectares of the area forest. Pichavaram forest is famous for boat riding so can be experienced through boat riding.

Mangroves forest also attracts local birds including cormorants, egrets, storks, snipes, and spoonbills.

Visit Timing: 9:00-6:00 PM

Boating: For Paddle boat 150 RS per hour and for Motor boat 1000 RS per hour.

Entry Fee: No entry fee.

Distance From Chennai: 216.6 km Via ECR.

Address: Chidambaram, Killai Post- Pichavaram, Tamil Nadu Pin code- 608102.

Q1. Best Time To Visit For One Day From Chennai To Pichavaram Mangrove Forests?

Ans: The best time to visit the Mangrove forest in the months of November- January during the monsoon season to the pleasant atmosphere and low rainfall.

Q2. What is Famous in Pichavaram Mangrove?

Ans: The mangrove forest is famous for boathouse with thick forest view and Paddling. motorboat, holding capacity for 8-10 people, is very fast and costs 150 RS.

Q3. Where is Mangrove Forests Located?

Ans: The mangrove forests are located at Chidambaram and at a distance from Pondicherry 70 km. This forest is a beautiful greenery place is the second-largest Pichavaram forest in India.

Q4. Is Pichavaram Mangrove Forests safe?

Ans: Yes, but don’t go there alone go with a group and enjoy boating. It’s completely safe for a couple. The boats are served by local trawlers.

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