Tamil Nadu local Famous Food In Chennai, Street Food Recipes

1. Idli

Idli is one of the best healthiest breakfasts with chutney and sambar fluffy soft and not oil required in this recipe to make them. You can make idli in the mold and steam it. Idli is a very famous food in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and delicious cuisine too. If you are planning to visit south India then must try this breakfast at a cheap rate. Places to eat Idli Murugan Idly Shop and Idly Express are very famous, the cost will be 200 for two people.

2. Bara

Vada is famous food in Tamil Nadu so should try and you can get easily at any shop. There are lots of types such as Masala vada, Medu Bara, and Sambar Bara is the most healthy breakfast of South India.

3. Pongal Famous Veg Food In Chennai

Pongal is the best food in Chennai for breakfast and lunch. Pongal healthy recipe dish is prepared using rice, Ghee, dry fruits, and black peppers. These dishes are distributed prasad in the temple. Sweet Pongal is there which is more delicious. It is usually prepared for all festive seasons in Tamil Nadu and also Bangalore‘s famous food.

4. Madras meals

The meals are a Tamil Nadu local food which is a very authentic teste big platter of rice, pulses, vegetable, sambar, and a sweet on a banana leaf. The food quality served makes it one of the best recipes for lunch at a cheap price and famous food in Chennai.

5. Coffee

south indian filter coffee

Filter coffee is just a morning boost up to the aroma of fresh hot coffee that makes your day. Coffee is good for health but limitations can be taken not much.

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6. Murmur

Murmur is also known as “Muruku” Chennai street food recipes in Tamil Nadu. Famous veg food in Chennai murukkus sandwich has unfolded over time, you will get in every restaurant and street food places in Tamil Nadu. Murmur is a famous crunchy street snack in Chennai and made with rice flour, and gram flour. If you are planning to Visit Chennai then most test Murmur snacks with mint chutney. Food items to buy in Chennai to eat Muruku in Ajanabi, Feasting, the cost will be 100 Rs for two people approximately and famous Tamil Nadu local food best fast food in Chennai.

7. Thukpa Famous non-veg Food In Chennai Tamil Nadu

Thukpa is the best famous food in Chennai described as a noodle soup. The thukpa in Chennai is generally served authentic non-veg meals and the best non-veg street food in Chennai Tamil Nadu. The best places to eat in Kailash restaurants and the cost will be about 300 Rs and staple food of Chennai.

8. Paani Poori

Paani Poori is very famous as street food in Mumbai or Chennai and also known as Gol Gappa is favorite street food in all cities. Popular 2 places to eat Paani Poori in Chennai, Tamil Nadu Vishnu’s Paani Pooris, Shree Mithai, and cost will be 45 Rs. for two peoples approximately. Gol Gappa is an all-time favorite for women and men in all-season like summers, winter, and monsoon.

9. Sundal Chennai Tamil Nadu

If you are a beach lover then masala Sundal is famous food in Chennai near the beach area and it is best to take while enjoying the beach wave air. Sundal masala made with coconut and very easy or simple street snacks of south Indian Tamil Nadu.

10. Jigarthanda

Jigarthanda is a famous drink or Juice in Madurai Tamil Nadu and perfect for the hot summer. This cool drink in South Indian street food list and you will get at roadside stalls, these drinks are perfect to beat Chennai summer heat and feel fresh after taking it.

11. Uthappam Chennai

Uthappam is the best famous food in Chennai and street food in Tamil Nadu. Uthappam recipe is made of rice, also you can mix all types of green veggies such as cabbage, green chilly, onion, potato, green pea, and tomato. Uthappam is a healthy good rice flavour and very yummy authentic taste to eat.

12. Chicken 65 Best Starter In Tamil Nadu

Chicken 65 is famous food in Chennai and one of the most favorite starter it’s amazing dishes to eat again and again. Normally chicken is all world popular, chicken 65 made by ginger-garlic paste and chilies for the migrants for delicious teste.

13. Chicken Biryani Best Non-Veg Food In Tamil Nadu

The spicy chicken biryani is an all-time favorite to all and also quite famous food in Tamil Nadu best street food in Anna Nagar. Chicken is a fiery curry that is filled with a mixture of masalas. Chennai night street food, food trails in Chennai.

14. Jalebi Chennai Famous Food Sweets

Jalebi is popular sweets all over India and It is very delicious in taste usually served with curd. Jalebi is also famous sweets in Chennai and places to eat Ram Prasad’s Jalebi stall where you can find crispy jalebi at cheap rates.

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