10 Biggest Festival In Tamil Nadu, Best Cultural Festivals Of Tamil Nadu Pongal

1. Thai Pongal 2021Festival In Tamil Nadu

festivals of tamil nadu pongal

Hello, all today we will tell you about the festival in TamilFestivals of Tamil Nadu Pongal is the most famous harvest festival, which is celebrated 4 days from 13 January to 16 January by Tamil people. This festival celebrated for god sun to motivate agriculture. Tamil people make food of the first rice of the season as an offering to the god. Pongal is a popular dish itself in Tamil Nadu and it’s mandatory to cook with cashew or nuts at all festivals. This festive season also knows as Margali and all locals are very excited to celebrate Pongal, clean their house or outside the house, and on start, day make rangoli from rice.

  • Bhogi is a first-day festival in which the god Indrajeet provides rain to improve or help the farmer’s fields. Pongal festival in Tamil language and Lohri, Khichdi, Makar Sankranti is known as the harvest festival of north India.
  • Thai Pongal 2 day celebrations national festivals in Tamil so all the people of Tamil Nadu culture wear fabulous clothes, and the offering also coconut.
  • Mattu Pongal’s 3rd day is also known as the ox festival.
  • Forth day Kannum Pongal national festivals in Tamil. Women placed a turmeric leaf and decorate it with various flowers and rice and appeal to their family success or joyfully life. On these occasions, relatives visit and transferred gifts to each other on the last day.

Season: Months of January 13-16.

Special Dishes: Pongal.

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2. Cow Festival In Tamil Nadu

cow festival in tamilnadu
cow festival in tamilnadu

Cow festival in Tamil Nadu especially for the cow, where there are so many sounds, jewels, and flowers are attached to the cow’s head and fed Pongal. The most popular festival in Tamil Nadu Jallikattu is the typical occupation of the Tamil Nadu holiday in January every year.

3. Dance Forms In Tamil Nadu

Dance forms in Tamilnadu are NATYANJALI music and Natyanjali dance festival in Chennai today Lord Shiva is a form of Nataraja. This dance form in Tamil Nadu is greatly dedicated to the Nataraja Shiva temple. Bharatanatyam is Tamil Nadu popular dance and makes proud Hindu religious in South or North India.

4. Tiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam 2021

Tamil Karthigai Deepam is a festival of Diya in the months of November to December and celebrates this festival for 10 days in Tamil Nadu. Karthigai Deepam wishes 2021 like this-“hello all happy Karthigai Deepam”. Karthigai Deepam’s serial story in Tamil has studied much hopeful the achieve or great things in life endlessly of bad and black day. Tamilian people make on festival Karthigai Deepam rangoli kolam designs Karthigai Deepam kolam and Karthigai Deepam Padayal Deepam rangoli designs with colors.

Tiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam 2021 date: 19 November.

5. Chitri Rai Festival

Chitra Rai is this two-week celebration in April month, and divine with Lord Shiva and Goddess Meenakshi. In Tamil April known as the month of Chitrai. They are feast car celebration on the occasion of Goddess Meenakshi and Shiva wedding that moves through the roads of Madurai when Chithirai months is coming.

6. Mahamaham Festival In Tamil Nadu

One of the most fabulous festivals Mahamaham usually happens in the period of February-March months also known as Masi in the Tamil calendar. Kumbakonam small village in Tamil Nadu people celebrated this festival once in 12 years. the last Mahamaham was celebrated in which year? The last time was celebrated on 6th march in 2004, and they are enjoying a lot with family or friends. In which month the Mahamaham festival is celebrated? This is organized in the months of March.

7. Tamil New Year 2021 In Tamil

Every year come to the Tamil Nadu day celebration in Tamil Nadu. At this celebration, ladies make pretty Rangolis in front of their main gate with rice floor. When is Tamil new year 2021? Tamil new year day is also known as Puthandu, and it will come on 14 April in 2021. Tamil new year wishes -Tamil happy new year, and Telugu new year is also known as Gudi Padwa will be 13 April. The new year festival of Kerala is started from Onam and the 4th day starting. Which festival of Kerala marks the new year? Onam festival is the biggest in Malayalam new year in that Kerala people wear a new dress and celebrate this day.

8. Vinayagar Chathurthi 2021

Festival in Tamil Nadu celebrate in the month of August to September. As we know Lord Ganesha Ji is the Tamil residents and visitors from over the globe to come there to receive the blessing on Vinayaka Chaturthi day. God Ganesha sits on an elephant and roaming on road, in front of the door, and people dancing together or blessing each other.

9. Diwali Festival 2021 In Tamil Nadu

Why is Diwali on different dates? Yes, In South India celebrate according to the Naraka Chaturdasi, and North Indians celebrate according to Amavasya, when Ram, Sita, and Lashman return to Ayodhya. That’s why this Diwali celebration in Chennai one day before the North Indians. 4 November Deepavali 2021 Tamil calendar.

10. Upcoming Festival in Tamil Nadu Thaipusam 2021

Best festival in Tamil Nadu Thaipusam meaning is “Pusam” Thaipusam special food in Tamil devotees costume in yellow. Thaipusam is the other most populous Thaipusam festival in Malaysia and is celebrated in honor of Lord Murugan. Thaipusam celebration in Malaysia like several Hindu holidays with colorful but it’s not a Holi and Thaipusam start time in moths of January and February. Thaipusam 2021 South Africa and Thaipusam 2021 Malaysia will be done on 28 January. Thaipusam vs Deepavali both are different festivals. 28 January Thaipusam 2021 date in Tamilnadu and Thaipusam 2020 date in Tamilnadu was 8 February.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Which Is The Famous Festival Of Tamil Nadu?

Ans: Tamil Nadu dance festivals often use for temple or Hindu devotions. Tamil Nadu’s main dance is Bharatanatyam.

Q2. Which Is The Kerala Famous Festival?

Ans: Attukal Pongala, Machattu Mamangam, and Thirunakkara Arattu these all are cultural festival of Kerala.

Q3. What Is The Old Name Of Tamil Nadu?

Ans: Tamil Nadu’s old name was “Madras” after renamed Tamil Nadu.

Q4. Which Is The Assam Popular Festival?

Ans: Bihu, Baishagu, and Ambubachi Mela is the common major celebration of Assam India. It is dedicated to full of joy by all Assam people.

Q5. How To Celebrate Karthigai Deepam?

Ans: Karthigai Deepam is a festival of lights, which is celebrated in Tamilnadu culture for Lord Shiva and his son Morgan. In those holidays Tamil people wear a new dress and make special food.

Q6. How To Celebrate Diwali At Home In Tamil?

Ans: On that occasion, Tamil Nadu people make a variety of Tamil food such as Upma, Idli, Dosai, Sambhar, and Bara. They are not doing any pooja like North Indians and never decorate their houses with lights.

Q7. What Is The Name Of The Harvest Festival Celebrated in Tamil Nadu?

Ans: Thai Pongal.

Q8. Mahamaham Festival Is Celebrated After How Many Years?

Ans: after 12 years.

Q9. Mahamaham Festival Is Famous Festival Of Which State?

Ans: Tamil Nadu.

Q10. Do Tamilians Celebrate Dussehra?

Ans: Tamil Nadu people Dussehra celebrated in a different way, They are not followed, Ravan Dahan.

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