Sabrimala Temple Case, Sabarimala Temple Opening Dates In 2021

sabrimala temple god
sabrimala temple god

About Sabrimala Temple Case: Hello friends, let’s share with you some interesting facts about the Sabarimala temple case so read the full post about this. The Sabarimala temple god is established on a hill with an altitude of 4,133 ft and is environed by greeny peaks and thick jungles.

The Sabrimala temple god name is Ayyappa which is a very famous Sabarimala temple in Kerala. The Sabrimala temple river based on the Pamba River is the third-longest in Kerala state. Sabarimala Ayyappa temple one of the biggest travel places in India with an estimation of approximately 50-60 million visitors visiting yearly.

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Facts Of Sabrimala Temple Issues

Sabrimala temple in which state? Sabrimala temple is situated in Pathanamthitta District, Kerala. Sabrimala temple of Kerala is welcoming for devotions only within15 November – 26 December on the occasion of Makara Sankranti and during the days of Mandalapooja or Thirumal Sankranti and every month of Malayalam so can be visited with the family to enjoy that day.

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Sabrimala Temple History

Sabrimala temple case study in 1821, the rule by Pandalam was added with 48 major temples including the Sabarimala temple to Travancore. Sabrimala temple case Indian kanoon according to the Survey Travancore and the Cochin States. Sabrimala temple controversy begun by the Madras government in the 19th century and also in Delhi supreme court. South India state of Kerala Chief Minister posters fire. Sabarimala temple opening dates 2021 is 14 January.

The Sabrimala temple is built on a tableland height of around 40 feet and in 1950 was rebuilt this temple free of cost. Now, after the supreme court decision in 2018, all women can enter the Sabrimala Lord Ayyappa temple. Sabrimala temple timings 11:00 am to 10:00 pm in the evening. On the upcoming Mandala puja still, there is confusion from Kerala Government on that day may not be women permitted. Supreme court verdict on Sabarimala temple has assigned the matter to a 7 court. Supreme court has passed an order in 2018 months of September that can be permitted all age women in Sabrimala temple. If you like my post then do share with friends or family, sharing is caring.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Who Started Sabrimala Temple Issue?

Ans: The Sabrimala case has been started by Lord Parasurama.

Q2. Why Middle-Aged Women Are Not Permitted In Sabrimala Temple?

Ans: Ayyappa, is a Brahmachari god where Women In the generative below 50 age were not allowed to enter the temple. The distance between them is about 108 km from Sabarimala to Kochi.

Q3. Sabrimala Temple In Which City?

Ans: Sabarimala temple location located in Periyar Tiger city Pathanamthitta district which is a beautiful Sabarimala forest mountain of Kerala.

Q4. Sabrimala Temple Is Located In Which State?

Ans: Ayyappa temples in Kerala established in Kerala State.

Q5. What Is Sabrimala Temple Case Name?

Ans: Sabrimala temple issue case name is Indian Young Lawyers Association vs The State of Kerala. Sabarimala temple in Kerala is a popular traveler hub in India.

Q6. Name Of These Two Women Who Entered In Temple?

Ans: Bindu Ammini at age of 40 and Kanaka Durga age of 39 these two bold women created records by entering in Sabarimala Temple. Earlier In Kerala Menstrual age women were not allowed in Temple but after the Sabarimala temple case judgment, all age women can be visited. After entering the two women in the temple there was a massive protest against them.

Q7. How Much Distance Sabrimala Temple To Munnar?

Ans: Sabrimala to Munnar time taken will be a minimum of 3 hours and 50 minutes, and distance is 76 km. So can be reached easily by road, Train, and personal transport and joy the journey.

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