Trekking In Chennai, Best Trekking Places To Visit Near Chennai, Tamil Nadu

1. Gingee Fort

Gingee Fort trekking in Chennai
Gingee Fort trekking in Chennai

Gingee Fort is the best Trekking in Chennai is also known as Senji Fort in Tamil Nadu. This Fort is one of the best trekking places in Chennai and situated in Villupuram District in Tamil Nadu India. The Senji fort is so protected, that Chhatrapati Shivaji, the Maratha king, rated it as the numerous strong fort in India and it was called the “Troy of the East” by the English man and best adventure trip near Chennai.

Gingee Fort built by the “Chola dynasty” throughout the 9th century AD, Gingee Fort was modified by Kurumbar while fighting the Cholas and Vijayanagar Empire throughout the 13th era. Three hills are there to visit forts are Krishnagiri, Rajagiri, and Chandrayandurg, and all of the forts give a fabulous view around so can be enjoyed more with family and friends best trekking places in Tamilnadu.

Distance: Gingee Fort from Chennai160 km.

Trekking Time: 3-5 hours

Timing: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm all days.

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2. Yelagiri Trekking

Peerumedu Falls, SwamiMalai in Yelagiri is one of the popular trekking spots in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India. If you are thinking about one-day trekking places in Chennai? then must visit Yelagiri natural lake trekking hills situated at the bottom of the waterfalls and Touristers can sit there, talk, and grab amazing delightful times with special ones. Yelagiri best trekking tour in Tamilnadu and nature trails n treks best places to visit near Chennai.

Trekking Time: 4 -5 hours

Best Time: Oct to Feb

Distance: From Chennai to Yelagiri 230 km approx.

3. Tada Trekking

Tada’s best trekking places near Chennai the Ubbalamadagu waterfalls are situated in the Andhra Pradesh district of Chittoor. Tada trekking is a romantic getaway in Andhra Pradesh, you can go there and fun with friends with the pleasant climate, a trek to Tada waterfalls is extremely valued and trek length 10 km and the difficulty level is easy. You can get buses for the Tada hills from the CMBT Chennai bus stand.

Distance: 90km from Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Best Time To Visit: June-April.

4. Nagalapuram Trekking Chennai

One of the most popular trekking places in Chennai, Nagalapuram trek is the magnificent hills station with trekking camps in Chennai. Situated in Chittoor, trekking length 13 Km and the difficulty level are very low or comfortable to walk. Nagalapuram Falls, Ubbalamadugu Falls, and Horsley Hills amazing places to see in Nagalapuram trekking in Chennai or lots of mountain hills.

Best Time To Visit: October to February.

Distance: 75km from Chennai.

5. Meghamalai Trekking

Meghamalai trekking is one of the most mountains in Tamilnadu and pleasant trekking places near Chennai. The forests are rich elephants and the unique wildlife stocks and best one-day trekking in Chennai. There are some wonderful places that you can joy with friends or family such as Pothai Pull Medu, Elephant Corridor, and the Manalar Waterfalls is a very romantic getaway in Chennai.

Best Time To Visit: August- January.

Distance: 550km from Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

6. Parvathamalai Trekking

Parvathamalai is one of the best trekking places in Tamil Nadu, a beautiful mountain climbing Chennai situated in the Tiruvannamalai district. The Parvathamalai foothills or Sitar Malai is well known for its medicinal advantage. Parvathamalai height in 2 km, there is a Shiva Temple at the top of the mountains, and Parvathamalai temple timings are early morning. The best time to trekking near Chennai is the months of September to December and the trekking distance is 5.5 Km approx best one day outing in Chennai.

Distance: 190.9 km from Chennai.

7. Ubbalamadugu Waterfalls

Ubbalamadugu falls one of the most trekking places near Tamil Nadu, situated in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu border in the district of Chittoor. Trekking level is very easy to walk and an 11 km range trek through thick forest. Ubbalamadugu waterfall must visit trekking place near Chennai, where you will feel enthralling adventure experience trekking places near me.

Distance: 93 km from Chennai.

Best Time To Visit: June- December.

8. Mahabalipuram Lighthouse Trek

Mahabalipuram place is a good holiday place to spend some quality time with friends famous in Tamil Nadu. Mahabalipuram Lighthouse Trek India’s oldest tower standing firm enhanced with its vibrant legacy and best trekking in Chennai.

Best Time To Visit: September-March

Distance: 58 km from Chennai

9. Kolli Hills Station Trek

Kolli Hills best trekking places in India, it is one of the most exhausting and challenging trekking near Tamil Nadu. This trek is interesting and allows trekking groups in Chennai. Its height is about 1500 m and a bit difficult to trek the Tamil Nadu forest department trekking the most excellent trekking places to visit in Tamil Nadu.

Distance: 359 km from Chennai.

Best Time To Visit: September-March.

Trekking: 2 days.

10. Pallavaram Hill Trekking

Best Pallavaram hills run trekking places in Chennai situated in the Chengalpattu district. Mountains in Tamilnadu one-day trekking places in Chennai to visit. Pallavaram hill height is 16 m, trekking distance about 13km, and easy to trek. Pallavaram lake is there you will enjoy more with someone else.

Best Time To Visit: September- March

Distance: 90 Km from Chennai.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Which Is The Best Time To Visit Trekking Near Chennai?

Ans: You can visit all time but a better experience can be visited during the rainy season in months of September to February for trekking near Chennai Tamil Nadu.

Q2. Is Trekking Safe Near Chennai?

Ans: Yes. trekking is very safe near Chennai.

Q3. Which Are The Trekking Clubs In Chennai?

Ans: Various trekking clubs are provided in Chennai such as: Running, Biking, Trekking, Swimming, Cycling, Social Treks can be enjoyed with kids and family, and best trekking in Chennai.

Q4. Is Trekking Events In Chennai, Tamil Nadu?

Ans: Pallavaram, Meghamalai, Ubbalamadugu waterfalls are the best events for trekking in Tamil Nadu must-visit places in Chennai for trekking or adventure.

Q5. Is There Need To Preparation For Trekking?

Ans: No need to prepare much for hills, Ghats, and waterfalls trekking. You can pack bag lightweight for carrying for long way.

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