Waterfalls Near Warangal | Warangal Waterfalls List, Best Time To Visit In 2021

1. Bogatha Waterfall In Telangana

Bogatha Waterfall In Telangana
Bogatha Waterfall In Telangana

Hello all, today we will explore waterfalls near Warangal, Telangana so make sure please read the full post to get detailed information. Bhagota waterfalls secondary known as Chikupally waterfalls Located in the forest and on River Godavari. Waterfalls in Telangana is a popular visitor spot for enjoyment with family or friends. One of the best waterfalls near Hyderabad Bogatha fall is established near Chikupally village district of Telangana. In Bogatha falls near Warangal swimming is allowed and it’s secure. Bogatha waterfalls timings are all time open so can be visited in morning and evening time to get the best experience. This falls 121 km from Bhadrachalam and Bogatha waterfalls from Warangal 143 km from Warangal. Bogatha waterfalls best time to visit in July to November. Bogatha waterfalls Telangana tourism. Bogatha waterfalls distance from Hyderabad 280 km.

2. Laknavaram Waterfalls Warangal

Laknavaram waterfalls in Telangana near Warangal are the best places to visit In India. Warangal tourism places Telangana waterfalls look like tiny islands with beautiful natural waterfalls. It spread crossed it within the falls. Bogatha waterfalls to Laknavaram distance about 91 km.

3. Ethipothala Waterfalls

Places to visit in Warangal and amazing Ethipothala waterfalls near me in Andhra Pradesh. Ethipothala falls distance 70 feet high and this fall is a compound of three water Nakkala, Tummala, and Chandravanka Vagu. with Lord Dattatreya with Ekamukhi temple. Ethipothala Falls is a super place to chill out with friends in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh.

4. Mukthi Gundam Waterfalls

Mukthi Gundam falls known as Gayatri waterfalls near Hyderabad within 100 km. Gayatri falls situated in Adilabad District and also declared Gadidha Gundam falls. Mukthi waterfall near Warangal is a very stunning, magnificent, and attractive place to visit in Tarnam Khurd Village. It takes approximately 4 hours to reach the falls from Tarnam village. Best time to visit in moths of September to October after the monsoon.

5. Sahastrakund Waterfalls In Murli

Sahastrakund falls is extraordinary which falls on the Penganga River, in Murli village. This fall is very natural, authentic, and cool with waterfalls heights of 50 feet. There are god’s temples near the falls on both corners of the river. One of the best locations to spend time with family in the monsoon season.

6. Mudigonda Waterfalls Near Telangana

Telangana tourism waterfalls is a place to go situated in Nekkonda village. This fall goes to the Telangana state waterfalls near Warangal. Mudigonda fall will give you a real natural feeling, keep calm your mind, and peace in your mind. Warangal is very near to Mudigonda town, and 20 km from Warangal. Warangal to Mudigonda road connection is there to better reach. Warangal Railway Stations is just nearby from Mudigonda.

7. Muthyala Waterfalls In Warangal

Muthyam Dhara waterfalls can be visited by evening walk about 10 km are Venkatapuram and situated near Venkatapuram Mandal. Warangal to Muthyala Dhara waterfalls distance around near from Warangal and Muthyala Dhara waterfalls distance is 20 km from Bogatha falls. Muthyala Dhara waterfalls distance from Hyderabad for approximately 5 hours.

8. Kongala Falls

Kongala waterfalls Warangal placed Kongala village Telangana also popular as “V-fall” and height of this falls is 70 feet. Kongala waterfall around 2 km from Warangal and visiting time at end of the monsoon. Kongala fall location in Kongala G, Telangana. This waterfall is very clean and neat so please plastics or other garbage poly bags keep in the dustbin.

9. Bheemuni Paadam falls Near Warangal

Bogatha waterfalls are just near Bheemuni waterfalls one of the best iconic views for taking a beautiful snap. Waterfalls near Warangal Bheemuni Paadam also known for other names “Bheema’s foot”. Bheemuni Paadam waterfalls distance from Hyderabad approx 210 km. Nature places in Telangana Bheemuni Paadam waterfalls timings morning to evening. Can be visited this falls during the rainy season and the Bheemuni Paadam waterfalls distance is 70 ft high.

10. Vikarabad Falls

Are you searching for waterfalls near Hyderabad? Vikarabad tourist places that are amazing Ananthagiri trek and thrills are superb. If you are like Ananthagiri hills camping, it is perfect for you. Vikarabad’s old district is Ranga Reddy district in Telangana. Ananthagiri hills one day trip and Ananthagiri temple are there. Ananthagiri hill’s weather is cool and Ananthagiri hills tourism is the best tour. Vikarabad waterfall’s distance from Hyderabad is 82 km and most wanted Vikarabad dam trip waterfalls near Hyderabad within 100 km. Ananthagiri hill’s entry fee is zero and Ananthagiri hills viewpoint is awesome.

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